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nurbs on cgal

Gastby Liu
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I’m working on the reconstruction of NURBS surfaces.
http://www.risc.jku.at/projects/basic/cgal/nurbs_in_cgal/   I noticed that you are working on it based on CGAL. How’s the project going ?  I downloaded the code from the website and I try to compile and run in my computer. I encountered some questions.

I have already installed CGAL on ubuntu. I use Terminal and entry:

    cd /path/to/program
    cgal_create_CMakeLists -s executable
   cmake -DCGAL_DIR=$HOME/CGAL-4.9 .
It's easy but when i entry:
then something happened and I don't know how to solve that:
   gastbye@gastbye-virtual-machine:~/桌面/NURBS on cgal/test$ make
   makefile:19: /software/cgal/Cgal/make/makefile_sparc_SunOS-5.5_g++-2.7.2_LEDA: 没有那个文件或目录
   make: *** 没有规则可以创建目标“/software/cgal/Cgal/make/makefile_sparc_SunOS-5.5_g++-2.7.2_LEDA”。 停止。
Could you please give me some advises?