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little problem

amit tripathi-2
hi all

          last time my message got garbled , this time i am sending trough pdf attachment please download it.


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Triangular mesh offsetting

Santosh Tiwari

Can I use CGAL to perform triangular mesh offsetting?

If not, can anyone suggest any other library/source-code that I can use to
perform the offset operation.

I want to create an envelope around triangulated geometry with a specified

I can write the code to offset the vertices by using normals computed from
the facets. But, it would create many intersections in the mesh.

I found two papers that deal with triangular mesh offsetting, but couldn't
find the code. Here are the papers.

Offset Triangular Mesh Using the Multiple Normal Vectors of a Vertex

Self-intersection Removal in Triangular Mesh Offsetting

Can anyone suggest me any resource that I can use to offset a triangular


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