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can't add attribute to vertices

Shi Yan
hello guys,

could you please show me an example of adding new attributes to the
vertex data structure.

i did this like this:

template < class Refs, class P >
struct My_vertex: public CGAL::HalfedgeDS_vertex_base<Refs,CGAL::Tag_true,P>
  bool isSplitted;

struct My_items: public CGAL::Polyhedron_items_3
  template <class Refs, class Traits>
  struct Halfedge_wrapper
    typedef My_edge<Refs> Halfedge;

  template <class Refs, class Traits>
  struct Vertex_wrapper
    typedef typename Traits::Point_3 Point;
    typedef My_vertex<Refs,Point> Vertex;

but i won't compile giving the error under visual studio:

 Error 4 error C2664: 'My_vertex<Refs,P>::My_vertex(const
My_vertex<Refs,P> &)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'const
CGAL::Point_3<R_>' to 'const My_vertex<Refs,P> &' c:\program
files\cgal-3.3.1\include\cgal\polyhedron_3.h 106 CGAL

the problematic function is this      I_Polyhedron_vertex( const
Point_3& p) : VertexBase(p) {}     under the file polyhedron_3.h

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