Propose topics for CGAL at the GSoC 2017

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Propose topics for CGAL at the GSoC 2017


The CGAL Project applies as an organization for the GSoC 2017

One type of topics we propose is to turn an existing research
prototype into a CGAL component.

If you are a PhD student, a postdoc, or a professor, who has a
prototype for geometric software that
- you would like to get integrated into CGAL
- fits into CGAL
- uses a method that is provenly correct (publication)
- is reasonable in size
- is reasonably well written
- is almost bug free

and if you are willing to co-mentor a student during 3-4 months,
we would be glad if you contacted us for further discussions,
by sending a mail to [hidden email] or directly to me.

I wrote co-supervise, as you would do the mentoring on aspects
concerning your expertise on the algorithmic issues, and an
experienced CGAL developer (not necessarily expert in your field)
would do the mentoring on CGAL design questions, the usage of our

Best regards


Andreas Fabri, PhD
Chief Officer, GeometryFactory
Editor, The CGAL Project

phone: +33.492.954.912    skype: andreas.fabri

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