Options used for cgal_create_CMakeLists?

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Options used for cgal_create_CMakeLists?

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I added a CGAL-sourced program to a directory
(CGAL4.13/examples/Polygon_mesh_processing). I want to include that in the
make process for that directory. (The program is a topic of another post.)

I could not get cgal_create_CMakeLists to create a CMakeLists.txt that would
work for the list of programs already in the above directory.

I tried several sets of options, such as
cgal_create_CMakeLists -c Core:ImageIO:Qt5
but the set apparently needs to include the required third party codes. (For
which I do not know the
option names.)

Fortunately, I kept CGAL 4.12 on my computer, and by following along I was
able to build a CMakeLists.txt that works.

Is the set of cgal_create_CMakeLists options that CGAL personnel used to
create the CMakeLists in each directory kept somewhere?

Could the options be included in the note on the first line of


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