Multiple Definitions Error with OFF_reader.h

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Multiple Definitions Error with OFF_reader.h

Hi there,

I've run into an issue when including <CGAL/IO/OFF_reader.h> multiple times
into my project - the linker complains of multiple definitions of

The issue is similar to this one:

Looking into the source, it seems read_OFF_internal::fill_point and
read_OFF_internal::resize are not templated or otherwise dodging the
multiple definition problem, so this makes sense.  There may be other
functions in this file with the same issue, I'm not sure.

I can work around this by being careful with my #includes, but wanted to
bring it to your attention, since as mentioned earlier there's no existing
way to catch this automatically.

If I encounter this problem with other files, should I also submit to this
email list? Is there a preferred way to address this issue?

Thanks for all of your great work on this project,

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