Maintaining Boundary Information of dD Triangulations

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Maintaining Boundary Information of dD Triangulations

Hi all,

I am using CGAL to manage a triangulation of a d-dimensional region (d>3)
for a PDE solver.  I'm looking for an efficient (and hopefully convenient)
way to access and manage the boundary information of this triangulation.
The triangulation must have only one connected component, but may contain

For my application, I can require that the location and geometry of these
holes be specified by the user ahead of time; however, after the initial
user input, the triangulation may be refined and coarsened arbitrarily (the
solver adapts the mesh to the behavior of the PDE).  Refinement will occur
on boundary facets, as well.

I understand how to use infinite full cells to access those facets which lie
on the boundary of the convex hull of the vertices, but I don't know the
best way to maintain a description of facets bordering an internal hole.  I
also don't know how to maintain/adjust this information between remeshing

I'd appreciate any methods or best practices that anyone has!  If a
developer knows of any code snippets in the CGAL source that handle this
sort of problem, that would be extremely helpful as well.

Best regards,

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