Getting Triangulation::Full_cell_handle from Triangulation::Finite_full_cell_iterator

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Getting Triangulation::Full_cell_handle from Triangulation::Finite_full_cell_iterator

Muthukumaran Chandrasekaran
Dear all,

I am trying to get a Triangulation::Full_cell_handle of a finite full cell from Triangulation::Finite_full_cell_iterator. I will be using the full cell handle later for other computations. Please see my code below. Thanks

vector<Point_d> points_d;
const int D = 3;

//Initializing the points in the convex hull of the original simplex
    for(int kk = 0 ; kk<D; kk++){
        std::vector<float> dims;
        for(int kkk=0;kkk<D;kkk++){
            dims.push_back( kk==kkk ? 1.0 :0.0);

//Create a full Triangulation and insert the points defined previously
    Triangulation t(D);                      // create triangulation
    t.insert(points_d.begin(), points_d.end());
    CGAL_assertion( t.is_valid() );

    Triangulation::Full_cell_handle fc;
    for(Triangulation::Finite_full_cell_iterator it=t.finite_full_cells_begin(); it!=t.finite_full_cells_end(); it++){
        cout<<"found finite cell"<<endl;
        fc = ???????

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