Delaunay mesher: refine only a set of edges

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Delaunay mesher: refine only a set of edges

Juan Jose Casafranca
I am trying to use Delaunay_mesher_2 to create a triangulation. I need to
preserve some edges in my set of constraints, so I have used
Delaunay_meshes_no_edge_refinement_2 but this comes to the cost of
preserving all the edges. Is there anyway to preserve only a subset of the
edges in my constraints?

I there is nothing out the box, can i get some hints on how to create my own
mesher for which I can pass a list of edges which must be preserved (the
rest could be refined). I haven't found anything useful trying to read the
Delaunay_mesher_2 and Delaunay_mesher_no_edge_refinement_2 codes.


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