Compilation error, Please help.

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Compilation error, Please help.

Chaman Singh Verma

It seems that I may have updated the Ubuntu version and now I am getting the following error. I can not figure out what could be the error. Can someone help ?


/home/csverma/Disk/Software/CompGeom/CGAL/V4.9/include/CGAL/Surface_mesh/IO.h: In function ‘bool CGAL::write_off(const CGAL::Surface_mesh<Point_3>&, const string&)’:
/home/csverma/Disk/Software/CompGeom/CGAL/V4.9/include/CGAL/Surface_mesh/IO.h:348:14: error: invalid use of ‘struct boost::property_map<typename CGAL::Surface_mesh<Point_3>::Vertex_index, typename CGAL::Surface_mesh<Point_3>::Point>’
       = mesh.template property_map<typename Mesh::Vertex_index, Point_3>("v:point").first;