CGAL installation no ALL_BUILD.exe Windows

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CGAL installation no ALL_BUILD.exe Windows

Adrián Briceño Aguilar
Hi there guys I'm trying to install CGAL4.13. When I use cmake to create CGAL.sln file the configuration says is done, and I do generated afterwards. However I do see that it says that I'm missing a couple of stuff: 

1)Qt5OpenGL Qt5Svg Qt5 cannot be configured


However cmake does generate the CGAL.sln, I do build them and they don't give any errors. But when I try to run them, I have the following message: Unable to start program: C:\dev\CGAL-4.13\build\Debug\ALL_BUILD can't be found. I've tried everything I still have the same error. Can you please help? Thank you for your time. Adrian