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I haven't touched it in years, and I needed to refresh my memory on how to
use it. As I noted back then, it's quite a shame that it shares a lot of the
functionality with Polyhedron (and Triangulation), but the interface is
different; mainly small things such as size_of_vertices() vs
number_of_vertices(), vertex() vs target(), and face vs facet. These are
methods that could easily be duplicated in one of the classes to keep

A few pointers on the user manual, the introduction in chapter 1,2. It took
me two hours of experimentation to generate an arrangement from a planar
Polyhedron and save it to .off:

- There's no clear definition of inner and outer boundary, the relation
between them and the face, and why  there can be more than one. A schematic
figure of the methods such as this one in the definition would have been

- The print_ccb() example (end of section 2.4) contains an obsolete code
that doesn't compile:

Arrangement_2::Halfedge_const_handle he = curr->handle();

There's no method handle.
Maybe reference the appropriate example file that is self contained and can
be compiled.

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